Hey, cool that you want to buy a DAFFY BOARD! We offer you many different variants and applications.

Find out here which is the right shape for you!


Our all-rounder: For beginners to advanced.

The WakeShape accompanies you from the beginnings to complex tricks.

- Basics, tricks, fitness, yoga, physiotherapy

- Compatible for ClipOn-Stopper (Bottom side pre-punched)

- Dimensions: L 745 x W 125-300-125 x 15 mm

- Released up to 130 kg

- Level: Beginner - Pro


The nimble: for advanced

The Radial Shape is due to the bend a very fast and rotational board. 

- Basics, Tricks

- Higher requirement for muscular control and stability

- Dimensions: L 745 x W 125-300-125 x 16 mm

- Released up to 130 kg

- Level: Advanced


The True Surf Board is a "must have" for every landlocked / home surfer. It's perfect to get you ready for your next surf trip at home.

- Basics, fitness, yoga, physiotherapy

- Dimensions: L 826 x W 365 x 16 mm

- Released up to 130 kg

- Level: Beginner - Professional


The Kids Shape already brings the "little ones" on the board. 

- Basics / Kids from 4 - 9 years

- Stopper on the bottom (prevents slipping out over the roller)

- Dimensions: L 495 x W 200 x 11 mm

- Level: Beginner


We put a lot of emphasis on quality and sustainability for the balance board and all accessories, so that you have fun for a long time and the resources of our earth are preserved.

The different shapes are made of high quality materials in Germany and are suitable for beginners to advanced.

From simpler balance and coordination exercises to complex board tricks and fitness moves, the DaffyBoard is versatile with its non-slip surface

Improve your skills