Fitness Training auf dem DAFFY Boards Balance Board Allrounder mit dem DAFFY Boards Corky Plate
Einsteiger Trick auf dem DAFFY Boards Trickboard Balance Board

High-quality balance boards

We have been producing high-quality balance boards for over 10 years now and have been trying to go one step further to improve our products, produce sustainably and bring innovative products to the market.

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Balance Boards - Handcrafted in Germany

The Daffy Board impresses with its high quality, imaginative and trendy designs and its versatile uses. As a professional training device for snow, wake or skateboarders, it gets you fit for the next competition. For children, the Daffy Board is fun for leisure with the right amount of challenge. The boards are also used in physiotherapy. Train your muscle strength and balance on top-class boards! A non-slip surface ensures grip, both when you first try the Daffy Board and during advanced stunt maneuvers.

Handmade balance boards for your muscle training

Your Daffy Board is with you everywhere. With a balance board you stay moving and train your balance, coordination and muscles exactly where you are. Regardless of whether you have sporting ambitions or just want to keep yourself healthy and fit - with the balance boards you can achieve your goals in a fun way. Just a few minutes of wobble board training per day effectively strengthens the deep muscles. For surfers or stand-up paddlers it is the ideal additional training outside of the water.
Practicing your balance with our boards adds variety to your fitness plan. Whether indoors or outdoors - exercises with the balance board can be quickly and easily integrated into your daily routine. In the office, you are a role model for your colleagues. In the park, you demonstrate that sport can also be fun. And in the gym, you can measure your training successes against others. There is a suitable board for everyone. Gymnastics or yoga exercises at home can also be supported perfectly with a wobble board.
Daffy boards are hand-made for you from high-quality materials. Birch wood is a renewable raw material and is the basic material. A special anti-slip surface ensures that you can do your exercises barefoot, with socks or even with shoes. All board types are available in different designs, from the natural wood look to trendy varnishes that convey a holiday feeling. Choose your board according to its intended use and training level. Our practical shape guide will help you.
Whether for physiotherapy and general fitness exercises, for professional surf training or for getting started with board fun - the shape determines the intended use:

Our balance board all-rounder will make beginners and professionals happy. The trick board is slightly curved and therefore more maneuverable and responsive. The surf-style balance board is particularly suitable for surf training. For children aged 4 and over, there are the Kids Shape Boards, which are shorter and narrower and have safety stoppers on the bottom.

Buy balance board at Daffy Boards

Train your balance with boards "Made in Germany" from our shop. The shape guide will help you choose the right board for your purpose. Many designs are waiting for you. Our balance boards are available in different price ranges. You also have the option of ordering the Daffy Board with or without a roller and floor protection mat.
If you want to buy a balance board, choose sustainable quality and choose your board now in our online shop!