Game of D.A.F.F.Y - the rules

Decide the order of the players.

The first player tries a trick of his or her choice - it must be done cleanly! If this does not succeed in the first attempt, it is the next player's turn.

As soon as the first trick is done cleanly, all the others have to do the trick with ONE try. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the player receives one letter of the word D.A.F.F.Y. If you already have three letters (D.A.F.F.), you have two tries in a row to do the trick.

As soon as you have collected all five letters, you are eliminated.

The last player left in the game wins - Improve your skills! (Based on Game of Skate)

You need ideas for tricks? No problem! We have prepared three videos for you with different tricks for beginners, advanced and professionals.

Sounds good? Here are two parts from Christian and Vince!