Custom Boards - customized balance board from DAFFY BOARDS.

While we firmly believe that our DAFFY BOARDS feature the coolest designs ever. But of course, that doesn't mean you'll think so too. Just design your DAFFY BOARD yourself, if and how you like! We think custom boards are totally fine and have already fallen in love with many a design of our customers.

Custom Balance Boards - how does it work?

In principle, it's very simple: You have a design that you like. You can send it to us as a photo or as an image file to our e-mail address Send an e-mail We will then transfer the design to our template, which we will send back to you.

Does it fit like this? Then give us the "okay" and we will make your custom DAFFY BOARD in exactly this design. Not okay? Then we have to rework it again or you decide for another design.

Custom boards are made to order. Therefore it takes a little longer until your self-designed DAFFY BOARD is with you. But you can be sure that your custom balance board will be in your hands in five days at the latest!

Can I also... myself?

You can. If you have experience with photoshop or a similar software, just send us an email. Then we can send you the template for our custom boards and you can do it yourself! To make sure that it really works, we enclose a checklist with the template. If you follow the individual points, nothing can go wrong.

Which shapes are possible?

Honestly? All shapes are possible. That's why we have the template. Custom DAFFY BOARDS can be provided for all shapes we offer.

But which balance board is right for you?

The different shapes offer you completely different possibilities of use.

Wake Shape is our all-rounder for all who want to use their DAFFY BOARD as long as possible. From the first attempts on the board to complex tricks, your custom board Wake Shape is there. Suitable for basics and tricks, but also fitness, yoga and physiotherapy, you have a lot of space for your design on 745 x 125/300/125 millimeters!

If you are already advanced and looking for challenges for muscular control and stability, the Radial Shape is your board. This shape also offers you 746 x 125/300/125 millimeters of space for your design. The Radial Shape is suitable for basics and tricks. Two shapes, the same dimensions - up to here it does not matter for which shape you burn!

The Wide Shape Fitness also has a lot of space for your designs. The board measures 830 x 150/365/150 millimeters and is suitable for basics, fitness, yoga and physiotherapy.

Honestly, it doesn't get any bigger than this!

Otherwise, we "only" have our DAFFY BOARDS in Kids Shape in our assortment. The board is optimized with 495 x 200 millimeters for children from four to nine years and is suitable for the basics.

Do you want to get your offspring moving with custom boards, against which other boards simply stink? Then DAFFY BOARDS is the right place for you!

Custom Balance Boards - sustainable in every respect

We produce all DAFFY BOARDS in Leverkusen, NRW. The wood for the DAFFY BOARDS comes from Germany, and this also applies to the black anti-slip mat and the complete packaging (which is made especially for our boards and is custom-made). Only the cork mat has to travel from Portugal, but at least we were able to find a sustainable and socially responsible production here.

Your design will of course be put on your custom board here in Leverkusen in our carpentry. So you will soon be the proud owner of a custom balance board - Made in Germany, with a cool design Made in Germany.