For landlocked surfers: beginners to advanced.

The True Surf Board is a "must have" for every landlocked / home surfer . It is perfect to get you fit at home for your next surf trip.

  • Application: Basics, Fitness, Yoga, Physiotherapy
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Specially designed anti-slip surface (suitable for barefoot, socks and shoes)
  • Board weight: 2,7 kg
  • Dimensions: L 826 x W 365 x 16 mm
  • Approved up to 130 kg
  • Level: beginner - professional
  • Material: birch molded

Use at your own risk

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We put a lot of emphasis on quality and sustainability for the balance board and all accessories, so that you can have fun with it for a long time and the resources of our earth are preserved. The different shapes are made of high quality materials in Germany and fit for beginners to advanced. From simple balance and coordination exercises to complex board tricks and fitness moves - the DaffyBoard is versatile with its non-slip surface.

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